Becoming a Board Member

Membership on the YCCC board offers experience in community service with an agency of over thirty years longevity. Bringing the essence of our history into a renewed and sustainable future is YCCC’s challenge.

For consideration, please complete the Board of Directors application and send it to Amber Salazar, Executive Director at  

The Board is responsible for establishing YCCC’s policies, guiding its development, and providing its leadership as it governs YCCC.

The YCCC Board meets monthly, and members are expected to participate in one committee and assist in fundraising efforts.

YCCC Board Candidates for YCCC Are…

  • Professionals with time to contribute toward community service
  • Individuals with personal, family, or professional experience with community-based mental health services
  • Community advocates for mentally ill individuals or advocates for affordable housing
  • Practitioners in the fields of mental health, agriculture, finance or housing
  • Committed volunteers who value the contribution of nonprofits to the quality of community life

Thank you for considering serving the community with us.


Yolo Community Care Continuum is a 501(c)3, tax exempt nonprofit organization established to better the lives of people with mental illness through direct services, advocacy, education and volunteer efforts. Copyright © 2012, Yolo Community Care Continuum. All rights reserved.