Housing Now Network

There is a perception that there is not enough housing available for individuals with a mental illness in Yolo County and the housing that is available is inaccessible for our target clients. Upon investigation of this situation it was determined that there was no accurate accounting of the available housing vacancies available in West Sacramento, Davis and Woodland or any reliable information about those vacancies such as cost and amenities associated with them. Often, the information that is given to those seeking housing is outdated and doesn't have accurate rental amounts documented for the units available. The outlying areas in Yolo County had almost no information readily accessible.

This is where the Housing Now Network (HNN) gets involved. HNN provides the appropriate level of housing assistance to Yolo County mental health clients in a timely and coordinated way. This program provides a single point of contact for housing resources for individuals with mental health issues and their families.

The Housing Now Network believes in providing services utilizing philosophies based on psychosocial rehabilitation, an evidenced based practice, and the values of MHSA. This includes:
  • A system driven by the individual and individual empowerment
  • Involvement of family members, care givers, and others within the individual’s support system
  • Culturally competent services
  • Wellness, recovery and resilience
  • Individualized services
  • Caring and sensitive staff
  • Integrated service and community collaboration

The Housing Now Network is designed to address the gap in housing awareness and accessibility by providing coordination of housing openings in all cities in Yolo County for mental health consumers, improving access to the identified available openings and increasing retention of housing once it is obtained.

Referrals come from Yolo County Homeless Shelters, Yolo County Systems Utilization Review (SUR), concerned citizens, faith-based groups, law enforcement, Community Based Organizations (CBO) and self referral. Each of these entry points provides the consumer with access to the services offered by the HNN.

Apartment Availabilities (excel spreadsheet updated 12/2016)

If you know someone who qualifies, please call (530) 379-6220 or email Kristina Pabolo.