Greater Access Program (GAP)

As of July 1, 2017 this program has been defunded.  

The philosophy of the Greater Access Program (GAP) is individualized services targeted to those who are unable to participate in traditional services. The range of services is comprehensive and flexible and includes outreach and engagement, wrap around services, direct treatment for mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring issues. Interventions are carried out 7 days per week, 24 hours per day in welcoming settings, rather than in hospitals or clinics and the team is creative in engaging individuals in treatment and monitoring their response (doing whatever it takes to assist the unique individual to live in the community).

Referrals to GAP come from Yolo County Homeless Shelters, Yolo County Departments and community sources such as NAMI, concerned citizens, faith-based groups, law enforcement and Community Based Organizations (CBO). Each of these entry points provides the consumer with access to the services offered by GAP.

Upon referral a consumer participates in the development of a treatment plan that is consumer driven and focused on the goals and desired achievements of the consumer. The next step in the consumer’s recovery is connecting them with the level of service identified in their plan. If the client believes that they need immediate treatment for their psychiatric symptoms, they might be referred to Safe Harbor for mental health crisis stabilization. If the consumer is not in an acute psychiatric crisis, they may choose to meet with the GAP psychiatrist for a medication assessment. If the consumer believes that prescribed medications could be helpful, they are assisted to access the medications they need and to identify sources of income to pay for future prescriptions and co-pays which may include enrollment in the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, a low cost or free medicine program for those who qualify. The consumer may identify their most critical need as being substance abuse treatment which might mean admission to Walter’s House for residential substance abuse treatment. Most consumers will identify housing as an issue in their treatment plan and will work with their GAP case manager to discuss options.

Resources and referrals are supported by other community partners. For health concerns that require medical attention, the GAP team may suggest linkage to Communicare. If the consumer is a veteran they will be linked to the Veteran’s Administration to access entitlement benefits. For Social Security benefits the consumer will be linked with the benefits specialist.


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