The Farmhouse Description

The Farmhouse is a long-term residential treatment program that offers a group living environment. Adults live and work at the Farmhouse cooperatively, learning the skills necessary to transition from a highly structured treatment environment to a less structured independent living situation.

The Farmhouse is located on a ten-acre parcel of land seven miles northwest of Davis. The site includes a five-bedroom farmhouse, two large barns, two pastures, and a large garden.

Residents are selected from the in-patient population of acute psychiatric facilities, state hospitals or skilled nursing facilities. Prospective residents are referred to the Farmhouse through a number of Northern California County Mental Health programs. However, family members, mental health consumers and other treatment providers may initiate a referral by contacting the Farmhouse. After the initial referral, the prospective resident may be asked to visit the program for a three to seven day trial period.

Two programs are offered at the Farmhouse, the residential program and the pre-vocational program. The residential program concentrates on teaching independent living and social skills. All residents are expected to share equally in the maintenance of the house, preparation of meals and planning of various group activities. The pre-vocational program assists residents in acquiring and improving the many skills necessary for a successful work experience. Real work experiences are provided through care of the farm animals, tending the garden, and assisting with running the farm.

All services provided at the Farmhouse are coordinated with treatment providers to ensure continuity of care. Once a resident has completed the goals on her/his personal development plan, then s/he transitions to a living situation in the community.


The Farmhouse Video

The video from Yolo Community Care Continuum's Farmhouse program on Vimeo.


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