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Mental Health Tips and Facts

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A passionate team made of families, members, affiliates, and partners throughout the state who are leading the change on mental illness.

SAMHSA’s mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America’s communities.

Mental Health Tips



Tips on Staying Motivated

Here are some tips for staying motivated! It’s very important to set attainable goals for…
Mental Health

Men’s Mental Health

Men face the highest rates of suicide in our society. Let's stop the stigma surrounding…

Overlooked Symptoms of Anxiety

Here are some more often overlooked symptoms of anxiety! It is okay to have anxiety.…
Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing, Methods & Benefits

"Take deep breaths" is a common household saying but ever wonder why or how to…
Stress Relief

4 Ways To Relieve Stress

Exercise Exercising releases endorphins in the brain which in turn reduces stress. Calling Friends and…
Stress Relief

Talking to Your Friends Can Help Relieve Stress

Social interaction acts as a stress buffer! Talking through your issues is a positive coping…