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Farm to Mouth

Supported Employment Program
Davis, CA

Mental Health Consumer

Yolo County Resident

Be able to work approximately 2-6 hours/week

Farm to Mouth Supported Employment Program yolo community care continuum

Farm to Mouth

Therapeutic Gardening for Mental Health

The Farm to Mouth Program at YCCC Farmhouse is a unique program that provides vocational training and therapeutic gardening experience to individuals receiving mental health services in Yolo County, CA.

The Farmhouse, located on 10 acres in rural Davis, has a half-acre dedicated to growing vegetables (through organic methods) which become part of residents’ daily meals.

Three Main Things

Vocational Training

Residents, many of whom haven’t had a job in many years, work under the supervision of the Farm Manager, have the responsibility to show up and work or communicate otherwise, and have the opportunity to move into more long-term farm roles with added responsibilities and benefits (i.e., Animal Caretaker, Greenhouse Manager).

Therapeutic Experience

The Farm provides an opportunity for residents to get out of the house and experience the joys and rewards of gardening. The garden is an escape from indoor activities and stresses of the community living environment. It is an opportunity for residents to create a deeper relationship with the food they eat by participating in growing it. It is an opportunity to productively engage in hands-on work that results in beauty, food, and transformation.

Farm to Mouth (F2M)

Finally, the Farm provides a paid workday once a week, open to both residents and individuals from the larger Yolo County community who are receiving mental health services but living more independently in community. In addition to offering vocational training and therapeutic experience, the Farm to Mouth program provides employment to individuals in need of income who are able to work in a limited way but may not be ready or able to fully join the workforce.

Unique Programs

Farm to Mouth and the Farmhouse are unique programs in need of community support to continue operating and offering the opportunities they do, opportunities not currently available to people with an identified mental illness in Yolo County and rarely available to mental health consumers nationwide.

The following areas are in need of ongoing funding:

  • Paying F2M employee wages
  • Seed and fertilizers for the vegetable garden
  • Perennial herbs and plants that enhance both the landscaping around the house and the vegetable garden itself, attracting pollinators and increasing the therapeutic environment
  • Construction projects – tables, benches, gazebo – to increase residents’ motivation to spend time outside and in the garden

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