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Solano House

Adult Rehabilitative Residential Facility

2261 S. Watney Way Fairfield, CA 94533
Phone: (707) 920-2831
Capacity - 32

Solano County Resident

Payments Accepted
– Solano County Medi-Cal

Referral Sources
– Mental Health Providers
– Mental Health Court


Solano House

Solano House is an adult residential program that offers two unique programs. Both programs serve individuals with severe mental illness.

Solano House Foundations is a long-term program that will support individuals that have been appointed by the mental health court. Foundations will provide mental health clients with the environment to learn about and live with their mental health conditions.

Solano House Endurance is a supported housing program that provides residents with affordable housing options. Endurance will provide housing support so that residents can live independently in the community with mental health support.  Residents are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Both programs are on the Solano County Health and Social Services campus. Services provided will encompass mental health care, medication management, symptom management, activities of daily living, social support, and access to other Solano County services.

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