Harmony House Description

Harmony House is an adult residential facility with a treatment component program that offers mentally ill individuals a group living environment. Adults live at Harmony House cooperatively, learn the skills necessary to live independently while receiving support as needed from highly trained Mental Health Workers.
Harmony House is located in the foothills of Auburn, California in the hub of other Placer County departments. Many services are centrally located for residents and can be reached within walking distance.

Residents are selected from the in-patient population of acute psychiatric facilities, state hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, or from the community. Prospective residents are referred to Harmony House through Placer County Department of Mental Health. However, family members, mental health consumers, and other treatment providers may initiate a referral by contacting Harmony House. After the initial referral, the prospective resident may be asked to visit the program for a one-day trial period.

All services are coordinated with Placer County Department of Mental Health and other treatment providers to ensure continuity of treatment. 


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