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Homestead Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing Apartments Complex
Davis, CA

Homestead Supportive Housing

Homestead was founded in 2005 in Davis, CA to meet a community-identified need of providing affordable housing to people with a severe mental illnesses.

Without the supportive services provided to residents, many of the individuals housed would be unable to live in the community, require increased crisis and long-term hospitalization, or worse, become homeless.

This program has been very effective in reducing the number and frequency of hospitalizations and in assisting individuals to return to work and school.

Homestead Supportive Housing Corporation serves over 21 adult clients annually through our housing program. Homestead serves adults with mental illness who are living independently in the community.

This low-income supported housing program provides psychiatric, social, and independent living services in a compassionate, community-based environment. Clients get the living skills training, counseling, and advocacy services necessary to maintain their independent living situation in the community. The services provided at Homestead ensure that individuals with a mental illnesses enjoy the freedom of independent living.

YCCC developed and currently operates Homestead with our housing development partner CHOC (Community Housing Opportunities Corporation).

CHOC’s mission is to increase the availability of affordable housing and to improve the quality of life for very low, low, and moderate-income households.

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